My perfect bag

20 years ago, papa and mama came back from New York with many presents for everyone. Of course at that time anything denim would have been the ideal gift. I really did not fancy the denim but I felt in love with 2 bags they brought with them. They were not posh bags and did not come from Saks Fifth Avenue. No. They came from a diy store downtown. They were tool bags.

7 years ago I went to New York with a friend and my first 2 days of shopping were in search of diy stores where I could find these bags. My friend thought I was not feeling well, of course, she even accused me of being drunk. But I knew I had to find them. I found one in off white and suede which I still use. They are perfect for the gym, for everyday or as a weekend bag.

I have tried to find more but it seems impossible. The only ones I see are not of the same quality or have printed logos.

I just wanted to share this bag with you. A simple and perhaps not fashionable, but to me, a very stylish and timeless design. If anyone has seen bags as nice as this, please let me know.