A touch of colour Made in France

After all the horrible snow affair I decide to give my Loboutins a walk again and go meet with my friend Lavinia. She has been hibernating since October at her in-law's country house and after few days in Paris we meet for an early lunch at Scotts.

After some catching up on this and that she tells me about her new discovery, a truly refreshing and colourful boutique, Valerie Salacroux in the Rue du Parc Royal.

Valerie Salacroux Boutique, 6 Rue du Parc Royal 75003 Paris

'You know darling, if you like accessorize yourself with colour, that is the place' she says. Of course she needs some colour, for the past months the only colourful things she has probably seen are pheasants and partridges, so a bright splash has made her good.

Stylish shoes, bags and accessories in beautiful leathers

I knew about this little atelier myself, you will find a splendid mix of bags, shoes and accessories in beautiful leathers, in bright and rich colours, embellished with nice and tasteful details. Classic and timeless designs, simple and elegant, in the way between Prada and Hermès.

And there is also a selection of city bags and accessories for men. Everything Made in France, of course!