Sunday at the antique market

Despite Sunday being the day of the week in which most people rest and relax, Arabella and I were en route to a meeting with a client, to show some layouts for a 50th birthday party invitation. The meeting went quite well, very straight forward and friendly - that is the good thing about Sundays, people suddenly become more relaxed and easy going. After the good bye hand shake - she is a first time client, quite old school, so no kisses yet - we explore the neighbourhood and there, in a remote little square, a dozen of little stalls, full of curiosities and antiques. After an hour of browsing, looking and getting our hands dirty we found these wonderful period frames with a collection of fine Georgian armorial wax seals. 2 beautiful treasures to add to our collections. So our Sunday meeting was worth it after all. We are going back tomorrow for a second proposal meeting. We just hope there are more antiques!