Going to Lavinia's

Going to Lavinias.jpg

My apologies for not writing to you for such a long time. I have been very busy and I hope you can forgive me. In order to get quickly connected Arabella wants me to buy the I Phone thing but I think it is not the appropriate gadget for a lady who lunches. Computers and technology are so into PA world, you know. Well, I might be wrong, this season Vuitton has a lovely little pochette for I Phone in Epi Leather which actually could go very well with my city bags range. I will see.

I would have written to you yesterday but unexpectedly my friend Lavinia called me, ‘my dear, Georgie and I want you to come for dinner tonight, we are terribly sorry for such a short notice but you must join us my darling, you know you are always our best guest’. I said yes even though I knew they wanted me because this dinner party was going to be full of bores. Who better than Lady J to brighten up the night? My beloved friends, do not think I agreed to this arrangement just because my friendship to Lavinia. She may be a very good friend of mine but I do not stress myself to go to a dinner in the country full of bores. The only reason I accepted the invitation is because Lavinia and Georgie are so well connected that I thought about some little help for my charity event. They got so excited about the whole idea, you know. Lavinia’s daughter, who works in PR, is getting Tatler and Harpers to picture everything. I think it is going to be fab! So my visit was worth it in the end but next time I am invited to a boring dinner party I will ask someone funny to be my companion and come with me, just to avoid getting bored and depressed which in the countryside is always terrible as there are no places to hang around, just grass and old farmers, bores too. Perhaps I could invite my new neighbour, did I tell you about him? He is such a charming man, mid forties I would say and painfully handsome. I just asked Arabella to find out from her friend Belinda at Buckingham’s Press Office to carefully check the Gotha Almanac. My heart tells me he is definitely more than charming.

I need your opinion and help. Yesterday I went to the Royal Festival Hall to purchase some tickets to see pianist Maurizio Pollini who is playing Chopin. I am so into romantics, once I had a kind of orgasm with Liszt, it was not better than the four-handed massage thing though, but very touching.  The thing is Arabella received the leaflets very late (I hate Royal Mail) and the performance is this Sunday, so no time to order anything through the net. You won’t believe what! No seats in the amphitheatre, only rear seats on first level. I could not believe it. Obviously I went to see the manager. Apparently everything was taken. I gave my name which did not work. Few more names, hopeless. Apparently lots of children charities in the amphitheatre. Of course I was not in any of them, I do not do kids you know. What do children charities have to do with romantics? The problem  is I have to go to the concert; Maurizio Pollini is such a great performer, like Barenboim or Pires, can not be missed. So now I do not know if I should go dressed in an ‘incognito’ look or just be myself and behave in a normal way. Of course I will dress smart but no ostentation, those days classical concerts have gone so high street. I only hope noone important will be there.

Sorry to bother you with my troubled existence but I do need help. And then people say the upper-classes do not have problems to worry about. Common people are so insensitive sometimes.